Upcoming Action Figure Releases

Superheroes are everywhere right now. You can’t turn on the television without seeing a trailer for the new Avengers, Batman vs. Superman, or Deadpool.

The popularity of the DC Universe, Marvel, and other action hero movies has resulted in a major boon for the action figure collector crowd.

DC and Marvel have released trailers for some sure-to-be blockbuster movies that will be at theaters in the near future. As a result, licensed figure manufacturers have announced new action figures based on the movie heroes and villains.

As always, if you decide to preorder any of these figures, make sure you buy them from credible and reliable online sources.


Batman vs. Superman

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The long-awaited Batman vs. Superman will be at the cinemas at the end of March 2016. In reaction to the increasing fan excitement, a number of action figures are planned.


Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Play Arts Kai Superman Figure

Superman has been part of the action figure lexicon since the early days in the 1960s and 1970s. This Play Arts Kai figure has fully articulating joints, and a flexible chest and cape, enabling you to place the figure in different realistic poses similar to those made famous in the movies.

Not only is the detail of the actual figure remarkable, but the interchangeable accessories are also. With the ability to change Superman’s hands and facial expressions, this figure is one of the most versatile ever manufactured.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Statue

This action figure shows Batman wearing armor that can allow him to match the Man of Steel’s super strength. Striking an intimating pose, this figure shows Batman getting ready for his encounter with Superman.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ARTFX+ Statue Set

Depicting the penultimate moment of conflict between Batman and Superman, this action figure set shows the pure power and grit of the contest. With Batman blocking, yet ready to throw his right hand at Superman, the Caped Crusader is the epitome of determination.

The figure depicts Superman bearing down on the Dark Knight hoping to land a devastating blow to end this fight quickly. With superb detail, from the mesh on Batman’s armor to the ripples in Superman’s cape, you will not be disappointed if you add this to your collection.

Suicide Squad

The deadliest criminals on the planet are now tasked with saving it; hence, the name “Suicide Squad.” Manufacturers plan on releasing several figures to coincide with the feature film release in August 2016.


Deadshot is the world’s deadliest assassin. He never misses, and neither does this figure. Standing a foot tall, this action figure shows the master marksman with his arm extended, ready to take the shot.

From his armor to the magazines around his waist, the Deadshot figure has exquisite detail, right down to the red tint on his eyepiece. With an intense stare, the soldier who never misses will be a great addition to your collection.


Harley Quinn

Armed with a baseball bat and an impish smile, you know she is up to no good. The detail on the action figure is amazing. Right down to the tattoos and shirt rips, this is as authentic as it gets.

The Joker

The ultimate bad boy, Joker’s maniacal laugh has become synonymous with evil and anarchy.

The detail on this figure is incredible. From the silver teeth to the painted toes, this 12-inch figure is sure to be the stand-out attraction of your collection.


Captain America Civil War

Captain America has been an icon of American culture since World War II. This new line of figures, based on the upcoming movie set for release in May 2016, will make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai Captain America Figure

Fully articulated, this Captain America action figure can be placed in a variety of the icon poses associated with this superhero. With sharp angles and the stunning red, white, and blue, this figure is what you have come to expect from the leader of the Avengers.

This figure comes with numerous accessories, which include different hand attachments for the Vibranium shield.  

Civil War Winter Soldier Sixth Scale Figure

This figure of Bucky Barnes, friend, enemy, then friend again to Captain America, has an incredible, movie-quality feel to it. With over 30 areas of movement, this figure not only comes with a high-quality base, but with multiple accessories, as well.

Deadpool Rocket Ride Premium Motion Statue

The breakout star of the Marvel Universe, Deadpool has become the go-to action figure to have in your ensemble. Wade Wilson is the “Merc with the Mouth,” lambasting foes and friends alike. This action figure captures that attitude.

Deadpool doesn’t care if you like him or not. He does and says whatever comes to his mind. Place this figure on your desk, push the tail end, and you will swear that Deadpool is laughing at you.

Daredevil Premium Format Figure

Unique in the Marvel Universe, this superhero currently stars in a TV series. Blinded at birth, Matt Murdock fights evil in Hells Kitchen.

Using all of his remaining senses, Daredevil is able to battle and defeat anyone who gets in his way. This action figure shows off the power and grace which the Daredevil has come to be known for.

With blind justice at his feet, a stark red color, and a grim determined scowl, Daredevil is willing to do whatever it takes to bring order to Hell’s Kitchen  

The Punisher Sixth Scale Figure

This superhero will let nothing stand in his way. Frank Castle was marred by a tragedy that took the lives of his loved ones. Since then, he has been a one-man crusader bringing his own brand of justice to those who break the law.

Sporting his classic skull t-shirt, this action figure is an intimidating presence. With his flak jacket, side arms, and rifle, it is not wise to get in The Punisher’s way. Standing at a foot tall, this figure offers a wide range of features, which include removable accessories and his full arsenal of weapons.


Any one of these action figures would be a welcome addition to your collection. It is probably a smart idea to pre-order them, as they are sure to sell out quickly.


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