Lighten Up with a New Summer Hairstyle

With the warmer seasons approaching quickly, now is an excellent time to consider updating your hairstyle to match the easy, breezy, dog days of summer. If you are unsure of what type of hairstyle you should wear, here are some suggestions worth considering before your next trip to the salon.

Light and Bright!

Summer is the season for sunshine! If you’re unable to spend hours getting natural highlights, working with an exceptional stylist helps replicate the look without having to get a sunburn! Customized highlights are the perfect way to complement a carefree beach wave look, adding dimension and definition to your hair. People who want a light touch to their hair should consider partial highlights. Partial highlights only target a couple of areas and usually include a set number of “foils” where the highlights are applied.

If you prefer something more dramatic, without coloring all of your hair, full highlights could be more in line with the look you’re interested in achieving. Full highlights offer greater coverage for all of your hair. Unlike partial highlights, you aren’t limited to a certain number of foils. A portion of all your hair is processed to give the appearance of an evenly covered treatment.

Multidimensional Magic!

Lowlights are similar to highlights, only this service is typically used to even out hair tones or add a richer dimension of color to your hair. Lowlights are perfect for people who have thinning or thin hair, as this process helps treated hair look thicker and healthier. Dual tone lowlights work well to break up monotonous hair tones while adding some funk and chunk!

Lowlights are available in a number of shades and hues, so there is no end to the color combinations that you can use to achieve the look that suits you best.

Add a Splash of Color!

This summer, color is taking a turn for the festive! This summer, try something different by adding a splash of blue, pink, green, or purple, or other pastel tones to your do! These whimsical and lighthearted touches to your hairstyle are perfect for people with both longer and shorter styles of hair.

If you have light-colored hair, the trendy, soft pastel colors give a fun-loving appeal to your look. People who have darker base colors could benefit from choosing richer, darker colors, such as dark purple, bright red, or indigo blue. These darker colors on the palette result in a richer, more complex hue.

These playful shades help bring out the fun in every sunny, summer day!

Chop It Off!

Now that the cold days are behind, chopping off all your hair makes more sense than at any other time of the year. When you work with a stylist who specializes in Precision haircuts, you can be sure that your new shorter hair is easier to maintain and style on a daily basis.

Trendy hairstyles that help you stay cool this summer include Perky Pixie style haircuts, a Bohemian Bob, or an Alluring Asymmetrical cut. For added flair, you always have the option to play with coloring services to make your look even more dramatic.

Sassy Summer Waves

If you cannot bear the thought of cutting off all your hair for the summer, removing the ends of your hair with a trim or a moderate cut helps restore body and shine. Further, a precision style helps add shape and definition to longer, damaged hair follicles.

By removing damaged ends, you restore the health of your hair naturally. If you have naturally wavy hair, a cut or trim is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the beach-inspired waves and curls without sacrificing the lengthier hair you enjoy.

Even better is the fact that this type of hairdo may not require a lot of maintenance if you use a minimal amount of hair product and allow your hair to air dry naturally.

Unabashed Up-Dos

Nothing quite says summer and romance more than a versatile up-do. If you have decided that longer hair is for you, regardless of the season, Up-dos completed by a professional stylist are perfect for special events such as graduation parties, weddings, formal events, concert events, and days when you would feel more comfortable with your hair up.

Skilled up-do hair designers offer their clients a wide variety of styles to choose from, based on the particular look you are after. Up-dos that have a slightly “messy” appearance to them are well-suited for more casual events or daytime wear.

Women who want a more refined and perfected up-do should consult their stylist to get ideas for looks that would look best on them. Most established hairdressers have years of experience in completing this type of hairstyle for clients, and should have no problem coming up with an up-do style that suits the occasion and works well with your particular hair type.

If you have the fever to re-invent your appearance in time for the summer, having your hair done is one of the most noticeable changes you can make to your appearance. You’ll find that a new hairstyle gives you a totally different outlook on life. When you’re bored of putting your hair up in a ponytail or tucking your bangs behind your ears, working with a professional hairstylist is a smart idea.

They can take their years of experience, and offer guidance on what styles and cuts would look best on you! Factors that your stylist will take into consideration include the shape of your face, your skin tone, and your lifestyle.
It goes without saying that individuals who do not want to spend copious amounts of time getting ready in the morning would find a low-maintenance haircut more agreeable to their schedule and lifestyle. Women who don’t mind spending extra time to achieve the perfect look may prefer a cut or style that involves more products or time in front of the mirror.

Whatever you decide is best for you, you can be sure that the stylists at Barron’s London Salon in Atlanta helps you achieve it!


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