Introducing Davines Natural Tech Line

If you suffer from common hair and scalp conditions like dandruff, greasy hair, an oily scalp, or hair loss, know you don’t have to suffer any more. New from Davines is their Natural Tech line, which is a prescription line of hair care to repair those conditions.

Davines is a favorite among those in the hair industry. Not only are their products easy to work with, but they also deliver incredible results. In addition to that, Davines is also sustainable. Davines wants you to not only take care of yourself, but also the environment in which you live and work. To Davines, sustainability means:  minimizing the impact on the environment, making sure all their products are safe thanks to natural ingredients and cutting-edge cosmetic technologies, and the freedom to explore new ideas that are beyond trends, developing sincere and trustful relationships based on transparency and collaboration.


This sustainable beauty concept is something that Davines prides itself on for all of their projects, from product formulation and design to company ethics and salon education. With this in mind, they created the Natural Tech line, which remains 100% true to the concept of sustainability.

By using new technologies and the absolute best natural ingredients, Davines Natural Tech emerges in the market as a breath of fresh air. This line is intended to be an intensive, therapeutic treatment that is able to help counteract and correct common hair and scalp ailments. Different products from the treatment system are recommended for different uses. Here are some of our favorite from the line:


  1. Davines Natural Tech Rebalancing Shampoo

If you suffer from greasy and oily hair, then this shampoo is for you. The Rebalancing shampoo controls overactive sebaceous glands, which can leave your hair greasy and heavy. However, with regular use of the Rebalancing Shampoo, you can restore your hair to its natural beauty. In order to normalize sebum production, this shampoo uses natural ingredients, mainly burnet extract and cinnamon extract. To use properly, apply a dime-size amount to damp hair. Make sure that you leave the product in your hair for a few minutes before you rinse your hair. If you feel it necessary, you can repeat this application. If you need intensive treatment, use the Rebalancing Shampoo three times a week for a month. Afterward, use the shampoo twice a week for 2 months, while alternating with Davines Well-Being Shampoo.

  1. Davines Natural Tech Energizing Shampoo

This shampoo uses a cutting edge formula to wake up your hair and energize it back to health. Use this shampoo to reverse thinning hair or hair that is prone to falling out.  The key ingredient: caffeine. Yes, the same wonderful pick-me-up that you find in your morning cup of coffee also helps your hair. Davines unique shampoo gently cleanses the hair while also stimulating scalp microcirculation and increasing the mobilization of toxins. This stimulates cell growth, which helps to make sure that your hair gets a steady supply of the nutrients that it needs. Other natural ingredients used in the Energizing Shampoo are beta-glucans and sirtuins. If you want to give your hair a jolt of java, gently massage a small amount of the shampoo into your damp hair and leave on for a few minutes before you rinse. For intensive use, use the Energizing Shampoo every other day for one month, and then twice a week for two months afterward.

  1. Davines Natural Tech Replumping Shampoo

Don’t let flat hair get you down. If you are looking for a volume-boosting hair treatment, then look no further. The Replumping Shampoo works to help boost the moisture and elasticity of your hair with their natural ingredients, essential petit grain oil, gentle surfactants, and plum phytochemicals. The creamy texture of the shampoo produces a thick, rich foam which helps to cleanse your hair gently, without altering any hair structure.  The Replumping Shampoo can be used as often as needed. Make sure you apply a small amount to your damp hair and scalp while massaging it in gently. After a few minutes, rinse your hair, and repeat if you feel necessary. In order to really boost your hair’s volume, use with the Natural Tech Replumping Conditioner.

  1. Davines Natural Tech Replumping Conditioner

This conditioner uses the same natural ingredients from the Replumping Shampoo to help untangle your hair and increase the elasticity. It also works to moisturize and protect your hair. The innovative conditioner will help make sure you don’t ever have to worry about flat hair again. After shampooing with the Replumping Shampoo, squeeze any excess water out from your hair and apply the conditioner. Make sure that you leave the product on for 2-3 minutes, and comb through gently. Afterward, rinse your hair thoroughly.

  1. Davines Natural Tech Energizing Superactive

If you are suffering from hair loss, suffer no more. The Energizing Superactive combats hormone-related hair loss, and both androgenetic alopecia and the hyper-production of sebum, which are associated with hair loss. For 70% of men and women, hair loss has a definitive cause—hormone imbalance. And now with the Energizing Superactive, you can do something about it. The formula uses the natural ingredient black cohosh to promote strong, healthy hair. For even better results, use the Natural Tech Energizing Shampoo with this serum. After you shampoo, massage a quarter-size amount evenly over your scalp and massage in until all of the serum is completely absorbed. Do not rinse the serum off. If you need intensive treatment, use the serum every other day for one month. Afterward, use twice a week for two months.


Davines Natural Tech line is the perfect treatment system to help solve the most common hair and scalp conditions. We are excited to have the product at Barron’s London Salon and to help show you how much the hair care line can change your hair for the better. Come in today to see what Davines Natural Tech line can do for you.


Barron’s London Salon is a local Top Hair Salon in Atlanta, Georgia, located in the Buckhead area. The salon is home to some of the most educated and talented hair stylists in the country. Each member of the expert team is hand selected by owner and founder, David Barron, an internationally recognized top Atlanta hair stylist who attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London.


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