How to Choose the Shampoo for Your Type of Hair

Is your hair flat or dry? Do you think you’ve purchased the wrong shampoo? When it comes to buying shampoo we tend to find ourselves becoming lost in the endless amounts of products, brands and packagingcolor packages which we face on the supermarket shelves. You may have seen them all, from extra volume and color enhancing, to split end solutions, but how do you know for sure that you’re making the right choice for you? Which shampoo is the best to suited to your hair type?

These are some of the main questions many people ask themselves, especially after  as they’re influencedseeing the many by the  TV commercials and magazine ads around them. If you’re one of these people, don’t despair. The following is a shampoo buying guide which can help you make the right decision when it comes to buying shampoo that will benefit you and your hair needs.


Shampoo Buying Tips for Beginners

When hair becomes dirty, it causes the natural oils to trickle down the length of the hair. This can cause a sticky substance for dirt and dust to accumulate on, so it sticks to the hair. This is whenwhy your hair will needs the use of aa  good shampoo.

When buying shampoo, there are some things that you need to consider. These things include:

  • It should be able to clean the hair of oils, dead skin, dust, and sebum.
  • It shouldn’t cause irritation of your skin or damage your hair in any way.
  • It should act beneficially on your hair, regardless of the water type which is used.

By considering these things, you can easily purchase a shampoo which enhances your hair and keeps it healthier for longer.

Medium to Long Hair Lengths

If you’re a person who has medium to long hair in length, it’s recommended to use a mixed hair shampoo. This type of shampoo generally has special qualities which can help to regulate the sebum secretion, while enhancing the length and the end’s hydraulic film, although it’s advisable that “2 in 1” formulas should be avoided, as they tend to make the hair feel heavier than it is. In cases such as this, it’s best to use a conditioner which requires an intense rinse. For shorter length hair, a cleaning shampoo which absorbs the sebum excess is advisable to use.

Permed or Color Treateded Hair

Those with colored or permed hair know that it tends to be more fragile than normal hair because of its exposure to chemicals during the treatment process.  . Permed and colored hair requires a perfect balance of hair fiber to help maintain their desired looks. This is why milder shampoos are the best option for you. Milder shampoos are less heavy and damaging to on the new hair colors or freshly permed hair and can help you to maintain the integrity of the hair. For those who want to help protect their color, there are now special types of shampoos available which cater to colored hair. They provide an alternative solution to the neutral shampoo on the market.

Thin and Soft Hair

If you have soft and thin hair, it’s best to purchase a shampoo which is enriched with different proteins that can add additional body and volume to your hair. These shampoos are generally labeled with “volume” or “full body.”

Dry Hair

Dry hair is common for in many people. Unfortunately, dry hair tends to become easily damaged, more so than other types of hair. This is why it’s essential for you to use a nourishing and revitalizing alternative shampoo which can create a repairing hair mask around your hair. Shampoos which are suitable for dry hair include those with shea butter. Other types you can use include nutri-ceramide shampoos, which are suitable for dry hair with a deteriorated cuticle dry hair.

Oily Hair

Oily hair occurs when there’s an excess of sebum excretion. For oily hair, you should use neutral PH shampoos that offer an extremely mild formula mixture. Milder shampoo formulas tend to be less damaging and aggressive with oily hair. It’s important to also remember to rinse your hair thoroughly after each wash.

Frizzy Hair

The best choice for frizzy hair is the use of nourishingmild shampoos. Shampoos which are enriched with avocado or shea butter are best, as they tend to offer plenty of vitamins and minerals which can nourish your hair. To help avoid breakage, try a similar conditioner to help detangle your hair, since frizzy hair, as like you may well know, tends to tangle easier.

Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, it’s best to use a shampoo which can redefine the curls. Use shampoos which say “for curly hair,” as these are specially formulated to help redefineraw the curls to create a beautiful and luscious finish.

How to Shampoo Correctly for Maximum Benefits

The process of shampooing consists of two main steps. These steps include washing and rinsing. Although simple in themselves, the trick is for you to complete each one correctly for maximum benefits.  

  • Step #1 – Shampoo your hair using a an amount about the size of a quarter to start.larger quantity of shampoo. Massage it into your scalp gently to help avoid any heavy trauma to the skin.
  • Step #2 -If you are not able to cover your entire scalp with that amount of shampoo, add more and repeat the massage.  
  • Step #3Step #2 – Rinse your hair thoroughly before applying another very small quantity of shampoo to the hair to help finish the complete cleaning process..  Make sure you massage the scalp again with clean water to ensure that all shampoo has been removed.
  • Step #4-Repeat the process one time.  You should see more lather the second time.  

Rinsing your hair in an abundance of water will help to remove all additional shampoo or any impurities that may still be on your hair. To help maximize the shine of your hair, it’s advisable to rinse your hair for the last time in cold water. Please note that you do not need to add extra shampoo to the ends of your hair!  Rinsing the shampoo you used on your scalp through the ends cleans your hair!


When it comes to selecting the right shampoos for your needs, it’s important to take everything into consideration to make sure you have the one that will benefit you the most. Many shampoos, when used incorrectly, can damage the hair, as they don’t provide the nourishing properties needed to make hair healthy. So, always check the labels and search out ones that are specific to your particular needs. In time, you will know exactly which one works and which ones to avoid. How did it go when shopping? Did you find the right shampoo for your hair type and needs?


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