How to Choose the Right Hairspray

Want to tame your hair? Thinking about using a hairspray? Hairsprays are some of the most commonly used styling products in the world, but, unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing them, we’re inundated with multiple choices to choose from, making our choice a much more difficult one. In reality, how do we know for sure we’re choosing the right hairspray that really suits our needs? The following are a few simple hairspray buying tips you can use to help make your selection a much more informed one.  


Tips for Selecting the Perfect Hairspray

Like any other hairstyling product, using the wrong type may damage your hair and cause it to dry out or for you to experience split ends. This is why it’s crucial that your choice will benefit you and your hair needs. Finding the right hairspray doesn’t have to be hard; you just need the right information so you can easily make an informed decision. By following these tips below, you can easily make your hairspray choice a much easier one.

Tip #1: Purpose – Before even choosing your hairspray, it’s important to first work out the purpose for which you will be using it. Are you looking to add extra holding strength, extra definition, flexibility, or volume? By choosing the purpose of your hairspray, you will be able to accurately limit the options dramatically. This will help to make your selection easier.

Tip #2 – Hair Changes – If you’re someone who wants to change your hairstyle throughout the day, it is best to choose a hairspray which is labeled “flexible.” Flexible hairspray isn’t designed to hold your hair strong like other types. While it’s designed to define the hairstyle, it will also allow you to brush your hair without causing too much resistance. Other types of hairspray you can use are light and medium hold formulas. Light formulas are perfect if you only need to tame those loose hairs.

Tip #3: Classic Hairstyles – For classic strong holding hairstyles that need to stay in place throughout the day, it’s advisable to use a strong hold formula. Strong hold hairsprays are used by dancers, models, and other professionals to ensure a perfectly neat hairstyle that won’t deteriorate throughout the day. It’s also important to know that these sprays tend to be thicker in consistency and may be heavier than your average hairspray. They may also take a little time to wash out at the end of the day.

Tip #4: Flaking – Last minute flaking is something that many people experience unexpectedly. In cases such as this, it’s advisable to use a non-aerosol hairspray which doesn’t leave a layer of residue. If you have fine hair, however, you should avoid this hairspray type, as it will cause unnecessary frustration due to extra weight.

Tip #4: Volume – For those who have fine hair, you’ll find it’s hard to maximize volume, although, with new advancements in the cosmetic industry, you can now purchase hairsprays which add additional volume and body to your hair. Volumizing hairspray should be used on hair where it lacks quality volume. Hairspray such as this is ideal for those who don’t want to use multiple products to gain the desired results.

Tip #5: Heat Activation – Did you know that many styling products available on the market are heat activated? This means they work a lot better when first applied during the styling session instead of at the end. While using the blow dryer to dry your hair, you can apply hairspray to the under layers and the roots to help enhance the volume effortlessly.

Tip #6: Choose for Your Hair Type – One important thing to remember when purchasing a hairspray is that it shouldn’t fight the natural texture of your hair. This is why it’s best to buy a formula that is specific to your hair needs. The best way to work this out is by checking the labels of the sprays. There should be labels featuring the type of hair: curls, full body, thin, and so on.

Tip #6: Special Features – Did you know that some hairsprays consists of special features which are perfect for a variety of applications? Hairsprays which feature UV protection are ideal for outdoor use when in the sun a lot. Humidity-resistant hairsprays are also a great choice for outdoor conditions because they offer more control over your hair when unexpected weather conditions arise.

Advantages of Using Hairspray

There are a number of different benefits you can receive when it comes to using hairspray. These advantages will help you in your everyday life to keep your hair looking great at all times. Some hairspray advantages include:

  • Helps to keep your hair controlled throughout your day.
  • Gives you a very stylish look.
  • Can help to reduce the look of oily hair.
  • Can help to define and form curls.
  • Adds more volume to your hair.

Disadvantages of Hairspray

Just like anything else in life, hairspray does come with a few disadvantages. Although minor, it’s still important to know what the disadvantages are so you can make an informed decision for your individual needs. Some hairspray disadvantages include:

  • May make your hair look duller than it is.
  • May take you longer to wash your hair.
  • Some people may have an allergic reaction to a specific formula.
  • Some may not work as well as others.
  • Some tend to be stickier than others.

Remember, it’s very important to stop using a hairspray if you experience an allergic reaction. If you’re still experiencing the side effects days after using a hairspray, it’s important to seek medical advice from a fully trained professional.


Hairsprays are come available within a a large variety to choose from. You don’t have to be an expert to select the right one; all you need is some knowledge, patience, and a little time to check each individual one that you’re interested in. If that task seems too overwhelming, or you just don’t want to take the time, you can always consult your hair professional to recommend the best option for your needs,  Once you find the one you like, you won’t go back. So, how’d you do purchasing your hairspray this time?


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