Gym Hairstyles for Every Workout

When it comes to working out, every woman wants a hairstyle that will not only look good, but which will also keep them focused on their workout.  Sure, you could roll out of bed and throw your hair up in a knot, but you might regret it when those stray hairs start to fall out and get in your face.  Not only can the right hairstyle keep you focused, but it can also give you motivation.  Some hairstyles can boost your confidence, which, in turn, gives your workout a boost.  Whether you are practicing extensive yoga poses or doing an intense CrossFit workout, there is a gym hairstyle out there that will help you perform your best:



With running, sweat is inevitable, regardless of whether you are outside or on a treadmill.  One of the challenges of this workout is keeping your hair from sticking to your face and the back of your neck.  In this case, a simple ponytail won’t do.  A nontraditional ponytail is key to a great running workout, and you have plenty of options, from fishtail to braided ponytails.  Braiding your ponytail will also keep your hair from whipping you in the face, which is a common annoyance among runners.  Check out this tutorial for a chic fishtail braid.


While it may not be intense, yoga can be difficult for hair.  With so many different poses, your hair needs to adapt, and not come loose in both standing poses and poses in which you are on your back.  In this case, a crown braid is the answer.  This hairstyle keeps the hair out of your face, whether you are in Warrior III or downward-facing dog, and also works for short hairstyles.   If you have longer hair, a low mermaid tail braid is also an option for yogis, because it is friendly to most yoga poses.


Pigtail braids are not only trendy right now, but they also come in handy for those who wear helmets or other headgear during their workouts.  For those who are taking spinning classes, consider wearing your hair in a chic pull-through braid because there is less movement, and it is easier on your hair (it’s also super easy to do).  In addition, you might even be able to get beautiful waves when you let your hair down after class.


Lifting weights is another exercise that, depending on what you are doing, doesn’t require a lot of jerky movements.  However, it is critical that your hair is out of your face for safety purposes.  A double French braid keeps the hair out of your face and also allows you to lay flat on your back for exercises such as the bench press or doing sit-ups.  Plus, this hairstyle tends to look pretty tough, which is fitting for strength training.


The headband braid is perfect for hair of all lengths, especially if you have shorter hair that needs to be kept in place during a vigorous workout.  The best part about this hairstyle is that it only looks complicated and is actually rather easy to do.  Wear your hair in a ponytail high up on your head so that it stays in place, whether you are on your back or jumping around.

Barre Classes

If you don’t absolutely need to pull your hair back tight, then it is best for you to keep it as loose as possible without it affecting your workout.  In barre classes, you are mostly standing, with the occasional small movement, and your hair won’t be in danger of coming loose through jerky turns or jumps.  For exercise classes such as barre class, a loose messy bun with a simple headband looks great and is simple to do.  Another option is a chic French twist.


Hairstyles for dance classes really depend on your preference.  Many people wear their hair down in dance classes because they swear it helps them follow through with their movements.  If you need your hair out of your face, you can always compromise with a half-up top knot.  This way, your hair is still down, but it is also not distracting and sticking to your face.  If you are dancing with a partner, they probably won’t appreciate your hair whipping in their face.  In this case, an upside-down braided bun is a trendy and practical look for dance.

Key Hair Tips for the Gym

Now that you have the perfect hairstyle for your workout, here are some key tips for your hair so that you can look good and feel good during your routine:

Bring Extra Elastics

There is nothing more annoying than your elastic hair tie snapping during a workout.  Bring an extra one and wear it on your wrist (as long as it is not too tight), or keep spares in your bag.  That way, you won’t have to jump off the treadmill in frustration because your hair is flying in your face.

Give Your Hair Some TLC

Sweating out harmful toxins, improving circulation to your scalp, and relieving stress are all things that your hair benefits from when you work out.  However, it’s important that you take care of it after your workout, regardless of these benefits.  The sweat from your workout contains salt that can damage your hair.  To combat this, consider a conditioning treatment from Barron’s London Salon to restore your hair and get luscious locks once more.

Eat Some Protein

Not only do your muscles benefit from eating protein after a workout, but it can also help your hair.  Our hair needs amino acids that are found in protein, so that it can create strong and beautiful hair.  You can find eight essential amino acids in protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, poultry, milk, and all dairy, or, for vegetarians, through a combination of beans and grains.  After your workout, down a glass of milk or make yourself a protein smoothie or some eggs to keep your hair healthy.


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