Easy Hair Styling Tips from Professionals

Tired of your same old hair style? Want something new without costing a fortune? You’re not alone; there are many people around the world who want a new hairstyle. A new hairstyle can make you feel empowered, inspired, and beautiful in your own way and can even make you look at yourself with a newly found confidence that you never had before.  

Hair stylists are constantly trying to perfect their individual styling techniques to help achieve the desired look they’re after without spending a lot of time on it. If you love styling your own hair but want to push it to the next level, the following are some professional hairstyling tips that you can try. With some practice you can incorporate them into your own styling techniques.


Professional Hair Styling Tips for Beginners

Learning how to style your hair like a professional doesn’t have to be hard. These step by step tips will not only help you gain confidence in your hair styling skills, but will also teach you a new and innovative way you can gain professional styles in the comfort of your own home.

Tip #1: Volume – If you’re looking to add or boost the volume of your hair, it is best to do this when it’s still wet.  By doing this, the extra volume you add will last much longer than normal methods. Use a round brush and a blow dryer to help dry your hair using precise movements. You should start the drying process from the roots before working your way up to the ends. Hold your hair straight up from the root when blow drying.  For better results, divide the hair into several small sections while blow drying. When dividing the hair, start at the nape of the neck and work up toward the top layers. To add even more volume to your hair, use volume boosting hair care products.

Tip #2: Static Hair – Static hair can be kept under control by using a moisturizing shampoo while washing. To help keep your static under control throughout your day, use a small amount of hairspray on the brush before brushing your hair into position.

Tip #3: Split Ends – If you suffer from dry split ends, you know how frustrating they can be. To help improve the look of your split ends, it’s best to use a serum which is silicone based. Run the formula through your hair using your fingers. You only need a tiny drop to help keep your hair smooth while reducing greasiness and heaviness. Focus the serum on the dry areas of your hair and, of course, the ends. This will protect the more susceptible areas of the hair from becoming more damaged.

Tip #4: Curls – If you’re looking to promote wonderful curls without using heat appliances such and hot rollers or a curling iron, use hair rollers before taking a shower and then get your hair wet once you get in. The moisture in the shower will help to form the curl pattern. This will create strong and defined curl once the rollers are removed. For the best results, let your hair dry completely before you take the rollers out.

Tip #5: Waves – If you want natural wavy hair, you will need to prepare the hair by leaving in a mixture of mousse and conditioner. Avoid the scalp when using this formula, and only apply to the hair ends and the mid sections of the hair. Move the hair from side to side by scrunching the hair in your fingers. With your blow dryer, attach the diffuser attachment and place the ends within the diffuser before pressing it against your scalp. Set the heat on medium for better wave shaping. To help dry the roots, simply flip your hair over your head and give them a good blast with the hot air before coming back up gently. Once the hair has dried, simply use a comb or fingers to gently break the curls apart for a natural texture.

Tip #6: Ponytails – Creating a fabulous ponytail from scratch can be a tricky thing. However, with some practice, you can easily style your own ponytail like the professionals. Before starting, it’s a good idea to have three bobby pins and an elastic hair band ready. Take two of the bobby pins and hook them onto the hair elastic on the opposite ends to help promote better elasticity and easy use when trying for that perfect ponytail.

Next you will need to give your hair a gentle spray with a texturizing product such as salt spray before brushing it through while using a hair dryer to blow the hair in the direction you’re going to style your ponytail. Tilt your head back as you brush your hair into the position you want the ponytail to be. This will help it to stay tight on the nape of your neck. With a tight grip on your hair, smooth any additional areas before placing a pin that is attached to the elastic band through your hair at the top of your head. Wrap the elastic band around the hair until it is tight before securing the hair by placing the other bobby pin close to the scalp.

Take one of the hair strands and wrap it around the band to conceal it in a neat fashion. Take a last bobby pin and secure the strand into your hair. Apply some hairspray and smooth the hair to flatten any additional fly-aways. This trick is used by many professionals in the business to help create the perfect ponytail you see on models and other celebrities.


Styling your hair like a professional doesn’t have to be hard. By following these simple tips, you can easily create a fabulous hair masterpiece in the comfort of your own home. Remember, however, that going to a hair salon is also a great way to try new styles or to get that perfect look, so don’t rule them out completely. So, how’d it go with your hair? Did you manage to style it well?


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