Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Although the main priority of the bride and groom on their wedding day should be to fully enjoy one of the most important days of their lives, they also hold the responsibility of entertaining their guests. In the world of weddings today, we see more and more couples taking steps away from traditional weddings. Brides and grooms alike want their personalities to shine through from the beginning of the ceremony right through to the last dance.

Couples work hard to think of creative and unique ways of entertaining their guests and ensuring that their special day truly is the best day ever for all involved. Below are tons of fun and unique wedding reception entertainment ideas. Which one will fit perfectly with your plans for your big day?

Food Trucks

Not many people think “food truck” when they think about a wedding reception. However, food trucks are becoming extremely popular, with some cities hosting events such as a Food Truck Rally or a Food Truck Fest. They make a great novelty wedding reception idea.

If you plan on executing a special theme at your wedding and reception, chances are there is a food truck that would go perfectly with your theme. Ideas for food trucks include:

  • ice cream truck
  • grilled cheese truck
  • taco truck
  • cotton candy truck
  • cheesesteak truck
  • hot dog truck
  • donut truck

Food trucks open your event to a plethora of options when it comes to feeding your guests. Have several food trucks set up at your reception venue in order to give your guests options and allow them to eat a full meal. If you would prefer a more formal, sit-down dinner for your guests, you can always have a specialty food truck (ice cream or donut trucks, for example) show up for dessert.

Lawn Games

Outdoor venues are overwhelmingly the location-of-choice for spring and summer brides. Many fall brides also choose to hold their wedding ceremony outside. There are tons of ways to entertain guests at an outdoor function. Even if your wedding ceremony is held indoors, you can always hold the reception outdoors. Another option is to hold an outdoor cocktail hour in between your indoor ceremony and indoor reception. Whatever your plans, if you plan on entertaining your guests outside for any amount of time, consider some of the following outdoor entertainment ideas:

  • cornhole
  • giant Connect 4
  • giant tic-tac-toe
  • lawn-size checkers or chess
  • ring toss
  • blowing bubbles (could also be used for the send-off)
  • moonbounces
  • sack races

Photo & Video Booths

At many wedding receptions, the line for the photo booth is longer than the line for dinner. Photo booths give guests a chance to be silly and document some of the fun they are having celebrating the bride and groom! The sillier the props you provide, the more fun your guests will have at the photo booth. Some photo booth companies print out the photos and allow guests to take a copy home with them, doubling as a wedding favor. The other copy of the photos goes to making a scrapbook that the bride and groom can cherish forever. A photo booth scrapbook could also easily be used as the guestbook by having guests sign their names and leave a note beside their photo booth pictures.

DIY Photos  

If you don’t have room in your budget to rent a professional photo booth, you can very easily run a DIY photo booth. Use a curtain, sheet, or empty wall space as the backdrop. Set up a table of props for guests to choose from. Have a friend take pictures using a digital camera, or whatever device you own. Instead of printing the pictures, upload them to social media or a sharing site online after the wedding in order to share them with guests. Some companies even allow your guests to play photographer. After sending the cameras back, you can download your footage and share it with family and friends, or have an edited video created for your viewing pleasure.

Video Booths

Another fun idea is a video booth. Similar to a photo booth, guests are given an opportunity to have fun and can even leave you a message or share some of their best advice with you! After the wedding, sit down with your husband and watch all of the video clips your guests made for you!

Indoor Reception Entertainment

Entertaining your wedding guests can be as simple as facilitating simple games and activities that allow them to mingle with other guests or share marriage advice. Your indoor entertainment can also be as astonishing as fire-breathers. Whatever your style, budget, or event theme, there are plenty of ways for you to entertain your reception guests at your indoor event.

  • Beverage Tasting: Include wine, champagne, liquor, beer, or all of the above.
  • “He Said, She Said”: This game requires guests to guess if you or your groom said “I love you” first, who planned the first date, etc.
  • Marriage Advice Cards: Put out cards with questions such as, “What should we name our first child?” or “How many kids should we have?” to allow your guests to weigh in.
  • Date Night Ideas: Have a box or jar out with some blank popsicle sticks for your guests to suggest date nights or travel ideas for you and your new husband.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of fun things to find, such as “a couple kissing” or “a chocolate cupcake.” Have guests use their phones to take pictures of all of the items they can find and keep track on a checklist.
  • Caricature Drawings: Hire an artist to do their best drawing of your lovely guests.
  • Dance Performance: Include one that reflects your culture or heritage.
  • Professional Entertainers: magicians, fortune tellers, or palm readers, to name a few.
  • Board Games: Set up a few tables for guests who need a break from dancing to go play board games. Another idea is to put a board game at each table for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour as they await the real party.
  • Live Music: Whatever suits your taste—a live band, singer, or instrumentalist
  • Karaoke: This entertainment option is guaranteed to cause lots of laughter and create many great memories.

Final Thoughts

Witnessing the union of two people you love is loads of fun. The entertainment ideas above are great for enriching your guests’ experience.

Whatever you decide to include, be sure not to lose sight of the most important event of the day: your matrimony!


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