Top Bridal Gown Styles for 2016

wedding-vows-ceremony-436d776651f3bff249f4c715c70fcc63.jpgEvery bride wants to look her best on her big day, but finding that perfect dress can be a lot of pressure. Sometimes even deciding on new hair elastics is hard, so you can imagine trying to pick the most important dress of your life! Not to worry. Once you find a style that you prefer the most, then you’ll be able to cut down on your options and focus more easily on a certain look.

Not sure what look you like the most yet? Don’t panic. While bridal gowns see small changes every year, it’s more about the small details that really let the bridal gown evolve. Things like sequins, cuts, embroidery, etc. will make all the difference when you find that perfect fit.

Need some inspiration? To get you thinking about the style you’d like to look for, consider these top bridal gown styles making their re-vamped debut in 2016.

Traditional Lace

Lace is timeless, and brides who choose lace will certainly feel classic but sexy if they find the perfect fit. Long sleeves with lace are making a comeback this season, and those brides who are looking to remain covered but with a little sheerness will really appreciate a nice lace design.

If you’re going to be having your wedding in cooler temperatures, the longer sleeves are certainly something to consider. This kind of dress will also look beautiful in front of a natural backdrop or in a historic building or castle (for the princesses out there!) Some designers attribute the popularity of this design to Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, which had beautiful long sleeves of lace and a full gown beneath.


Showing a little skin never looked so good! Low-back cuts are coming back this season, with some making appearances in small scoops, while other designs will have cuts that drop all the way down to the waistline.

This style is great because it’s a very sexy detail that won’t cause distress for the mother-in-law. It’s suggestive, but it still remains chic. Some brides even choose to dress it up with a backwards necklace, which hangs down the back and adds a very unique piece of jewelry to the look.

Plunging Neckline

Some brides know that they want to be sexy, or their grooms have requested it! The plunging neckline detail is very popular in spring and fall 2016 trends, and brides who are looking for something to stir up conversation will definitely love this design.

For something even more edgy, designers are counter-balancing the low necklines with high collars and shoulders. This is a much more modern look off the runway, and brides who are looking for the plunging neckline will certainly have a lot of options to choose from.


The colored bridal gown trend has not let up, and brides are getting more and more creative with their colored gowns than ever before. Pastel pinks and blues have been very popular, and more recently a new trend of watercolors is showing up on runways that would look amazing in a spring or summer wedding.

This may come as inspiration from the current trends in bridesmaid dresses, which have also seen a lot more colors and patterns in the dresses, with girls wearing all different colors to suit their style. It’s certainly a popular trend that various colors and patterns dress up a bridal party, as opposed to the sheer white and a single bridesmaid color.

Floral Embellishments

Brides who love flowers and applique will certainly want to consider this strong trend for their 2016 wedding. While various shapes and styles have been hitting the runway, it’s been no surprise that many of them are decorated with delicate flowers in a variety of materials.

What makes the flower embellishments so unique is that each one is made to create a 3D effect on the gown, instead of being sewn right to the dress. The detail almost makes the dress look alive, and it adds a different texture to the gown without being overbearing. This is certainly a great look for warmer season weddings and for brides who love the soft look of petals on their gown.


Not all brides are looking for a long gown, and this year those brides will be happy to know that designers are in their corner! Knee-length bridal gowns are a great trend for 2016, with a wide variety of different looks to accommodate the shorter length.

These dresses are great for warmer seasons, and as an added bonus brides will get to have a lot more fun shoe shopping when they know they’ll be able to show them off! This is also a great option for brides of all sizes, because taller brides can show off their length, and shorter brides won’t feel like they’re disappearing into a gown. It’s a win-win for every bride!


You might already feel like you’re flying on your special day, but the dress will certainly help if you’ve chosen this style! Feathers are back in for 2016, with long and short gowns both showing off the soft plumage design.

The feathery texture creates a very soft look for brides, while also having more of a modern look for those who want to go a bit edgier. If you’re just looking for a little bit of feather, there are also options to have feathers around the shoulders or waistline just for that extra detail.


Your wedding invitations from The American Wedding may be designed, and your cake might have a color, but there is nothing quite as important as picking out the dress. Remember, choosing your dress should be fun and memorable! Try to do some research ahead of time in terms of what’s trending, and have a game plan so that you don’t fall off track and become overwhelmed. Surely whatever you choose as your gown will look amazing on you, but doing some exploring ahead of time will give you a better idea of what speaks to you.

If you need help choosing some styles, consider these bridal gown trends for 2016 to give you an idea of the types of gowns you might find. That way, you can get help locating a specific style and avoiding the ones you don’t like.



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