The Pros and Cons of the Winter Wedding Season

When you first get engaged, you experience a range of emotions. You might have an initial shock and, once that wears off, joy and excitement take over. Once the excitement settles in, one of the first things to cross off on your wedding to-do list is the date. A lot of thought generally goes into the date, and a big factor that determines when you day “I do” is the weather.


There are highs and lows for every season and, for the bride who isn’t sure what season her nuptials should take place, it could be a big task trying to narrow that down. Since you can’t do much of anything without a date – you can’t send invitations or secure a venue and caterer without one – you’ll need to compare the seasons and see which one suits you the most. We think there’s no better way to do this than with a good old-fashioned pro and con list. Below, we present you with the good, the bad, and the ugly of cold weather weddings in winter or fall.






  • Snow


White weddings are ideal in the winter time, as the pristine landscape makes any color scheme pop. Plus, it sets a romantic vibe that all brides will adore.



  • Options


What bride doesn’t want options when it comes to her wedding? The winter season allows for an array of different comfort food options, drinks, and cocktails. Keep your guests happy with spiked cider and coffee, hearty soups, pasta, and meats. Send them away with delectable desserts like dark chocolate and espresso-flavored sweets.



  • Details


While some may think that winter nuptials lack available decor, they leave room for creativity! You’ll create a unique look by incorporating small, seasonal details, such as holly branches, red berries, and velvet or satin.



  • Lighting


If you love the idea of tons of candles, a roaring fireplace, and/or dimmed lighting, you’ll love that a winter wedding is perfect for all of those! Not only does it create a cozy atmosphere, but, with snow flurries dancing outside the window, the roaring fire will be that much more romantic.




  • Competing with Holidays


Weddings on or around major holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve are stunning; however, you have to keep in mind that many people travel back home and might not be in town. This could pose a problem if you want a large attendance.



  • Early Invitations


As we just mentioned, people’s schedules are hectic around the holidays, so it’s a good idea to send your invitations out even earlier. Which means you have to secure a date, location, and vendors sooner than you might have originally planned. This is crucial, because you want your friends and family to be aware of the wedding so they don’t commit to other obligations.



  • Weather


While snow makes for a gorgeous backdrop in wedding photos and sets a romantic scene from the windows of your venue, it can cause major traveling problems. Vendors trying to make deliveries the day-of and transportation for your guests could possibly be compromised if unexpected snow or a blizzard occurs.  



  • Limited Amount of Daylight


The sun sets earlier in the winter, so, if you don’t want a nighttime wedding, you will have limited sunlight hours to work with. Even if you wish for your reception to take place at nightfall, you have to plan your ceremony and photos in time before the sun goes down.



  • Need Additions to Your Dress


While fabulous accessories aren’t exactly a con, the added price might be. You will need a jacket, coat, shawl, or stole to go with your gown. Same goes for your bridesmaids, as you don’t want them shivering in your wedding photos.






  • Endless Options


There are seriously endless options when it comes to venues. If you wish for an outdoor wedding, you can still do so in late September and early October. However, if you’ve always dreamt of a chillier setting for your big day, but you don’t want to interfere with big holidays like Christmas, a ceremony in late October and November is perfect.



  • Darker Colors


For those who like deeper colors, fall is your season! Hues such as dark oranges and reds, along with bronze and purples, all complement the season’s turning leaves. Plus, it makes for some interesting schemes that break away from the wedding norm.



  • Dependable Weather


Probably one of the biggest advantages of the fall season is the dependable weather. Unlike the winter and summer months, you don’t have to worry about storms or unpleasant temperatures to get in the way of your big day. With the predictable weather, you’ll be able to plan months in advance and won’t stress about providing backup transportation for guests.



  • Enough Available Light


While it does start to get dark sooner, there is still enough light in the evening for all your photos after the ceremony. Which is great for those who don’t want to feel like they’re racing against the setting sun.




  • Skin Issues


Every bride wants glowing skin and a clear complexion. However, with the changing season, your skin might not be at its best. The approaching cold season may cause irritation, flakes, and dry patches.



  • Difficult Financial Time


Summer is vacation season, so people may be short on cash come fall. Not to mention, school tuition is due, and the approaching holiday season might bring about financial burdens for some.


While we don’t suggest planning a wedding around gifts, understanding that some friends might be strapped for cash during this time will go a long way. Keep this in mind as you invite guests that require airfare and while you are registering for gifts.



  • Indoor Venues Are Tricky


For the bride that wants a fall ceremony, you need to keep in mind that securing an indoor venue may prove to be trickier, as most weddings have to be held indoors during this time. Also, keep in mind that, with indoor venues, you have less flexibility than with outdoor options.


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