Creating a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

In this day and age, more and more couples feel pressured to host awe-inspiring and unique weddings that they can post about on social media for years to come. Unfortunately, having a great wedding can also come at an incredibly high cost. In fact, the average American wedding costs upwards of $27,000 dollars!

Though it may seem impossible, there are many ways to host an incredible wedding without having to worry about going bankrupt. Below are a few tips on how to create a beautiful wedding on a budget.


This can be the most expensive aspect of the wedding, as many popular wedding venues can cost tens of thousands of dollars just for one day. This ridiculous amount of money can really set a couple back. Therefore, it’s important to find a location that is still beautiful, without being hard on the wallet.

One place to look for a wedding venue is any nearby national parks. Along with the normal entrance fees that the park requires, national parks only request up to a couple of hundred dollars to host a wedding that can have a stunning view. The park may not allow more than a hundred people to attend, but, if they want, the bride and groom can choose to host the reception elsewhere where they can invite more guests.

Backyard weddings are also a popular choice that helps keep the money in the bank. If someone in your family or friend group owns a house with a particularly nice backyard, it would cost you next to nothing, and you can host as many people as the backyard can allow. Just make sure to have a backup plan in case of bad weather.



Wedding invitations can be incredibly costly, sometimes. Thus, it’s important to find a quality invitation service that doesn’t break the bank. The American Wedding, for example, offers all sorts of quality wedding stationery at very affordable prices.


Though you may feel obligated to invite your aunt twice removed who comments regularly on your Facebook page, but whom you’ve only seen a few times in person, it’s important to remember that each person invited to the wedding is more of an incurred cost. To save money, couples can choose to invite only the people who are closest to them. This will to help keep the wedding intimate, as well, which is something that many people enjoy.

Another idea is to have more of an intimate party at the ceremony, and then invite more guests to the reception at a differing location. This keeps prices down for the ceremony, yet still ensures that the couple can invite everyone they wanted to celebrate their special day.

Date and Time

Surprisingly enough, choosing to host the wedding on a Friday or Sunday can save a couple thousands of dollars. This is because Saturdays are the most requested day to host a wedding. However, if the couple wants to both effectively trim down the guest list and save some money at the venue, they can choose to have their wedding on a different day of the week.

An even smarter tactic is to take into consideration the national holidays that fall on a Monday. If you choose to host your wedding on the Sunday before Labor Day, for example, it’ll essentially be like having it on a Saturday, but without the high cost.


Food, Drink, and Entertainment

The food served at a wedding can be very important in keeping the wedding guests happy. However, many catering services can come at a high price. To save money, it’s becoming more and more popular to hire services such as food trucks that aren’t terribly expensive, but are sure to please. Make sure to hire services that have an extensive menu, or perhaps hire more than one food truck to ensure your guests are happy.

Almost everybody would like to have an open bar at their wedding reception, but some people just don’t have the budget for it. However, there are some effective ways that a couple can essentially have an open bar without the price. For one, you can choose to host your wedding at the local vineyard, brewery, or distillery, which usually comes with an open bar. You can also choose the DIY route for drinks. This may cost a couple of hundred dollars, but it will be less than the thousands most companies charge for an open bar service.

As for entertainment, you can simply hire a loved one to be a guest DJ during the reception. As long you have some decent speakers, and as long as this person isn’t an Earth, Wind, and Fire aficionado, this is a smart and wallet-friendly way to go. Even if you don’t trust any of your guests with their musical tastes, you can always create your own wedding playlist and just have a friend take song requests every once in a while.


Using a registry is a great way to pay for a honeymoon. There are several websites that allow couples to send guests a honeymoon registry in lieu of a gift registry, ensuring the honeymoon experience of a lifetime.

Exchanging Services and Utilizing Loved Ones

Do you have any talents that can be utilized in exchange for one of the above services? Whatever you’re good at, think about how you can perhaps use your talents in exchange for something that would help make your wedding cheaper.

Similarly, your guests also have talents that you can perhaps utilize. Ask a relative who enjoys photography to be your wedding photographer in lieu of a wedding gift. Your friend who’s a chef could perhaps get his work buddies together to help cater your wedding. Perhaps your mother could do the decorating.


Final Thoughts

Celebrating the marriage of you and your loved one shouldn’t also mean spending all of the money you have. By utilizing the above tips, you can have an incredibly unique and beautiful wedding day without worrying about the expense.


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