Amethyst Beads: A Magnificent Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Precious One

Regardless of how long you have been in a relationship, the task of selecting a Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift for your loved one does not get any easier with time. As the special day approaches, your mind becomes an empty white blank space as you fail to come up with creative ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. In an attempt to achieve perfection, we often lose sight of appreciation. No matter how much you search and how much money you spend, you cannot find the perfect gift for him or her every single year.

Instead of looking for something that will blow his or her mind away, try to buy a gift that will be truly appreciated by your significant other. The gift should be an emblem of your love and should resonate with the spirit of Valentine’s Day or of your anniversary in a special way. Amethyst beads perfectly fit the description of such a gift. They are a true symbol of Valentine’s Day or of your abiding love, and have a very deep connection with the month of February, so start picking one out now.


A Brief Description of the Amethyst

For those of you who are not aware, amethyst is a violet stone that is a part of the quartz “family.” It is well known for being the birthstone for the month of February. You are not going to find a purple gemstone that is more beautiful and spectacular than the amethyst. Some people believe that amethyst beads are simply unparalleled in terms of their visual appeal, as well as in terms of their strong bond with the notion of love and romance. There are variations in the color, tone, or shade of amethyst beads. Some of them have a pinkish purple stone, while others are deep purple in color. The ones that are deep purple are well known for their opulent appeal.

The Significance of Amethyst Beads on Valentine’s Day

Why are we talking about a purple gemstone when we are well aware of the fact that Valentine’s Day is usually symbolized by bright red hearts, candies, mushy cards and red roses? All of these do represent Valentine’s Day on a broader and more superficial level. The amethyst beads, however, have a much stronger connection with Valentine’s Day and its supposed origins. According to the legend of the great St. Valentine (regarded as the embodiment of love and the person for whom the day is celebrated around the world), it is believed that St. Valentine adorned himself with an amethyst ring that was carved in the shape of the iconic cupid. This is the reason why amethyst beads have such a close association with the concept of love that is celebrated on Valentine’s Day, though they would be welcomed at any time.

A Symbol of Blissful Love, Romance, and Fertility

Unlike those candy hearts, mushy cards, and red roses, amethyst beads are not meant to glorify and celebrate love only during Valentine’s Day. They are a symbol of evergreen love that transcends the limits of time and space. They are believed to signify love, romance, and fertility. These are the three things that beautify the extraordinary relationship that can exist between a man and a woman. Amethyst beads have been used to signify the notions of love long before Hallmark cards were being used as readymade expressions of romantic emotion.

Cleopatra and the Amethyst Ring

St. Valentine is not the only historical figure who has raised the significance of amethyst beads in the world of love and romance. Records from history suggest that the great queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, was known to wear an amethyst ring that served as an undying symbol of light, life, and love. As a matter of fact, Cleopatra was deemed as an incarnation of the Goddess of Love, Venus.

What’s really interesting is that the Romans were the ones who believed in Cleopatra’s divinity as the unparalleled Goddess of Love. For those of you who are fond of history, you may recall that Cleopatra was able to steal the hearts of two great Roman generals. One was Marc Anthony and the other was Julius Caesar, who also happens to be one of the most significant personalities in the history of the human civilization.

Since Cleopatra had such a strong attachment to her amethyst ring, and because it worked well in her favor, Roman women believed that the presence of amethyst beads on their body could enhance their husbands’ love, fondness, and devotion toward them. To this day, women wear amethyst rings in the hope of enjoying a bit more attention and affection from their men.

The Legend of Amethyst

The legend of Amethyst is another reason why you should seriously consider getting your significant other a wonderful gift of amethyst beads for a special day. According to Greek mythology, the god Dionysus had fallen in love with a maiden who was called Amethyst. Dionysus was the god of fertility, and he didn’t exactly have a lot of tolerance.

When a drunken Dionysus was refused the love of Amethyst, he turned her into quartz out of resentment and unrestrained anger. However, he soon realized his mistake and found himself drenched in sorrow and regret for his horrendous actions. According to legend, he wept purple tears of remorse at the foot of Amethyst’s statue. This stained the quartz statue forever.

Amethyst Jewelry

Now that you have a clear idea about the romantic symbolism of amethyst beads, what’s stopping you from giving your significant other a gemstone that has such historical and mythological significance in the universe of love? There are different types of amethyst jewelry that you can find in the market. You could even custom-make your own amethyst jewelry by purchasing high quality amethyst beads. It is the kind of gemstone that looks outstanding on every skin tone, and one that never fails to put a bright smile on a lady’s face.


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