Why Power Tool Combo Kits Are the Best Deal

Sometimes purchasing several power tools at once is necessary, but it can be costly. If you were to buy the tools you needed individually, there is no guarantee they would run on the same battery or even be the same brand.

That is why combo kits exist, so you can have the tools you need all in one package, without any hassle. Consider the features of a power tool combo kit, and you will no longer wonder why they are the best deal when buying tools in bulk:



Power tools are a pricey investment. You can end up spending hundreds of dollars buying individual tools without even realizing the potential to save money by purchasing the same tools together.

Combo kits are a less expensive alternative to buying your power tools individually, and, as a bonus, they will always run on the same type of rechargeable battery, which will save you the time and cost of having to replace or buy a variety of new batteries for different products.

The only downside of the cost of a combo kit is that it will always cost more than the purchase of a single tool. If your budget allows you to spend more money up front, you will definitely be saving in the long run.


Combo kits usually come in two standard types: drilling-based and cordless. Depending on what you are looking for, you will be able to meet your needs with either of these two kits.

The drilling kits are built around drilling tools. Cordless kits, on the other hand, may contain some of the same items as a drilling kit, but will also have more to offer, such as saws and wrenches.


You can purchase a combo kit in many varieties to suit your needs. Kits come with at least two tools and can have up to seven, if not more. Each combo kit typically comes standard with the same specific tools at a set price:

  • 2-piece combos come with a cordless drill and an impact driver, or an impact driver and a circular saw.
  • 3-piece combos are meant primarily for woodworking and contain a drill, jigsaw, and sander.
  • 4-piece combos come with either a drill or driver, and two saws, such as a recap or circular saw. The fourth product is typically a light source like a flashlight.
  • 5-piece combos come with a drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw, and a light source.
  • 7-piece or more combos come with a number of different items, but what comes most standard are a hammer drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw, impact driver, cutoff tool, impact wrench, cut-out tool, and a light source.

Keep in mind that combo kits are capable of coming with any variety of tools, aside from what the standard content usually is. Variety in combo kits will allow you to choose a package that meets your needs, while being able to determine a price range within budget.


Many combo kits come equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are smaller, lighter weight, and ergonomically advantageous over nickel cadmium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have the potential to power tools at a higher voltage, too.

The right battery will make your combo kit worthy of purchase, because you will get longer charges without any memory loss. Lithium-ion batteries give you longer work time and will not self-discharge upon use.

Combo kits include a charger for your batteries, so you can get back to working on your project quickly and efficiently.


Every person has a favorite brand of tools, and many of the reputable brands do produce their own version of a power tool combo kit. Whether you are a professional, a homeowner, or a DIY extraordinaire, there will be a brand making the perfect kit just for you.

If your favorite brand produces combo kits, you will receive the same quality you have come to expect, but at a lower overall cost.

If you are not committed to one specific brand, the process becomes easier. Supplies in multiple sizes, voltages, and weights will all depend on the brand you choose.


One fear that might cross your mind when deciding to buy a combo kit is quality. It is a common misconception that tools that come in combo kits are a lower quality than their individually sold counterparts.

Often you will be able to find the same power tools in a kit that you would have bought separately, which means it has been held to the same quality standards and will operate just as well.


Aside from the tools, combo kits will come with a few bonus items that you may not initially need, but which will become very helpful while on the job. Along with the batteries and charger that are often contained in the kit, you will also get a carrying bag for everything.

Contents of the kit will vary based on brand and type of tools, but an example of some things that may be contained in a combo kit are an auxiliary handle, belt clip, magnetic bit holder, and screwdriver bits, if you were to buy a drill-oriented kit.


Making the Purchase

Now that you know why power tool combo kits are the best deal, you may be wondering how you should go about purchasing the kit that best fits your needs.

It may be overwhelming at first to take in all the options available, but ultimately it will come down to what you need. Choosing your combo kit can be overwhelming, especially if this is one of your first tool purchases.  

The best way to buy your combo tool kit is to do it objectively with your intentions in mind. Are you going to be using the tools lightly or heavily? Does brand matter? Does battery type matter? Considering all of these factors will lead you to find the perfect kit that will surely give you the best deal to meet your needs.


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