Why Bosch Tools Are a Good Investment

When it comes to power tools, the German name “Bosch” is one of the most reputable names in the United States. The oldest and most recognized company was established in 1886 by Robert Bosch.

Quality Counts
The European standards Bosch follows are set significantly higher than many of their American and European competitors. Since Bosch’s engineering evidently puts ease of use and user safety first, many people are willing to spend extra money on their quality tools.

Although they cost a little more, they are exceptionally durable, and you can expect them to last a long time. The durability and lifespan of Bosch tools result in significant savings over the lifetime of the tool. Therefore, a Bosch tool is a good investment.


The Popularity of Bosch Tools
The wide-spread acceptance of Bosch tools with consumers is due in part to the numerous professionals, carpenters, and contractors who use Bosch products to perform their projects. Since the brand has existed for many years, it is inevitable many experts identify them as tools of the trade, which ultimately influences the buying decisions of consumers.

Numerous publications support Bosch’s reputation for making superior tools. Whenever a new power tool from Bosch is introduced, it is reviewed by users and consistently receives favorable comments. Internet users worldwide also give similar comments about Bosch tools. Bosch has received limitless distinctions and awards from many publications for several of their products.

Employing close to 300,000 people worldwide, Bosch is one of the most notable tool brands. Their reputation for quality and innovation helps consumers know they are purchasing quality tools.


Popular Bosch Tools

Bosch has a good reputation for their drills, drill bits, hand saws, and sanders. These tools are durable, reliable, and easy to maintain, which make them perfect for home projects and home maintenance.


Bosch has been determined to introduce a multitude of new products at significantly lower prices. For example, the new Bosch GLL-30 has all the usual features you would expect from Bosch. This tool also has an MM2 mount, which is helpful for clamping onto a work surface, but does not include magnetic capability. Bosch is indeed filling in all the gaps in order to provide full laser solutions.

Here are some of their more popular power tools:

  • Bosch 18V Lithium Ion Four-Tool Combo Kit. Bosch’s lithium-ion four-tool combo kit is a self-assurance kit. Each tool in this kit is constructed without compromise to provide genuine contractor-grade tools. Included is the 4.0Ah battery pack option, which offers sufficient run times.
    • Drill/driver. The Bosch Brute Tough drill/driver is hefty, but not awkward, at just under five pounds. It has two speed settings, including one for torque.
    • Circular saw. The higher angle of reach offered by the grip and trigger layout is a big enhancement, providing a better view for ripping straight cuts. A broad aluminum shoe maintains stability at all angles and lessens weight. Hardwood will not even slow the 4.0Ah battery.
    • Reciprocating saw. One-handed blade modifications are a big advantage when you are busy, and the bi-metal blade is sure to endure.
    • Light. The light is not meant for heavy-duty work and functions better on lighter duty.
  • Bosch MX25E Oscillating Multi-Tool. This Bosch tool is solid, and about as fast and powerful as its respected competitor, the Fein (Bosch’s other top performer). Designers have furnished the tool with a very gentle soft-start feature that maintains control when working in an uncomfortable position. The tool also has a universal adapter plate so users can make use of a number of accessories available from other brands.

  • Bosch GTS1041A REAXX™ Jobsite Table Saw. This Bosch tool has been a much anticipated new product in the market for craftsmen looking for a safer table saw.

The Bosch Active Response Technology platform helps lessen the danger of injury to users by uniting advanced Bosch sensors and electronics with mechanical injury-avoidance methods. This system detects human skin that comes in contact with the blade and quickly descends the saw blade below the tabletop. This high-speed action aids in reducing the possibility of significant user injury.


The Bosch REAXX on-board control system is an easily understood LED light panel that communicates and manages saw processes and reveals saw status.


Similar to all Bosch table saws, this tool comes with the Smart Guard System. This primary safety device offers a physical barrier between the user and the saw blade, as well as guarding against kick-back. Active Response Technology is essential to this tool and is meant to be used with the Smart Guard System to give the user additional protection.

This impact wrench has a compact design that offers increased movement in closed spaces and more comfort when used for longer time periods. It also permits users to push with steady power and control, using the spring-loaded hammer-and-anvil system. This system guarantees impact durability, and increases driving operation in fastening applications using wood and metal.

It has an EC brushless motor that requires no regular upkeep and gives up to two times more motor life than an average motor. The three LED light design offers excellent lighting of the work area without producing any shadows.


  • Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit. This drill reliably drills large holes and sinks long screws. This 18-volt drill surpassed competitor drills by boring 33 percent more holes than the next popular tool. Compared to the smaller 12-volt Bosch drill, this tool finishes tougher jobs much faster.


For smaller tasks at home, the added speed and power is not essential, but for more production-focused projects, it gives a noticeable improvement. The 18-volt Bosch is comfortable in the hand, and its LED expands light more efficiently than most drills. It is also equipped with convenient features of a belt hook and a battery life gauge.

Bosch Guarantee

Not only does Bosch offer quality, durable power tools, they also provide support and assistance on their website (“Knowledge Center”), and tutorials in completing individual projects. Their Service and Support Programs also provide guidance to lessen downtimes so customers can get their projects completed.

When you buy a Bosch from a reputable dealer, you know you are investing in a quality product that will last you a lifetime.


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