Tools for Remodeling

Whether you are a new “do it yourselfer” (DIYer), or an experienced handy person, there are a few essential tools everyone must learn about before embarking on an ambitious remodel project. From drill drivers to reciprocating saws, there are a number of important, handy components that can ensure you have a successful remodeling experience. Some of the most essential remodeling tools are listed below:


Impact Drivers

Remodels, whether interior or exterior, require ample amounts of screws and fasteners. The installation of any new fixture or structure can be tedious, but with an impact driver these laborious tasks can be hastened. Impact drivers are becoming a quick favorite for the DIY crowd due to their portability and convenience.

The impact driver also offers higher rotational torque that allows it to complete jobs expeditiously and with the fastener driven securely. Moreover, drivers are structured to be more compact than a substitutable drill. This allows for the driver to reach into smaller spaces than a drill allows.  

Drill Drivers

Along with impact drivers, drill drivers also play a vital complementary role. While drill drivers may not have the high bursts of torque that come with an impact driver, they do offer a more steady and consistent torque. This can be of great value when it comes to dealing with smaller screws that require a precise touch.

Drills also come more highly recommended to amateurs or beginners. They do not operate with the thrust and speed of an impact driver, making them easier to handle. For smaller projects that require drilling, the drill driver is a proven asset.

Rotary Hammers

For larger projects, a rotary hammer can be quite useful in getting the job done efficiently, and in a timely manner. More specifically, rotary hammers are exceptionally useful for drilling through tough materials. For outdoor remodeling projects, a rotary hammer can be used to drill through materials such as concrete. This power tool is predominantly used in demolition projects, especially for a DIY-er.

If there is a small fixture or structure that needs extrication, a rotary hammer is a perfect aid in accomplishing the task. Other primary uses of the rotary hammer include bolts, used to keep in place cabinetry or hinges on door frames. The versatility of the instrument is what makes it an essential remodeling tool.

Angle Grinders

Angle grinders are another great asset when it comes to remodeling. While hacksaws can be efficient in cutting many materials that are necessary for a remodel, angle grinders provide quick cuts to a variety of materials. Angle grinders can be used to cut wire fencing, rusted bolts, and rebar.

Also, angle grinders are exceptionally efficient when it comes to cleaning off metals. The power tool has the capability of removing cement, rust, paint, and other substances from metal surfaces. The key to the versatility of the angle grinder is the variety of wheels that can be fashioned upon it. The wheels can be bladed, or can perform other functions. Versatility is crucial when it comes to investing in power tools for remodeling. Luckily, the angle grinder offers a variety of uses and services.

Reciprocating Saw

An important element of any remodel is the demolition phase. This is where the reciprocating saw comes into play. The saw is durable, as well as portable. It also comes with the added benefit of essentially being a universal demolition tool. It can be used on sheetrock, glass surfaces (windows), doors, and even plumbing.

Much like an angle glider, the reciprocating saw also has interchangeable blades allowing for it to be multi-faceted in its use. The blades available for the reciprocating saw come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, making it a tool that can be utilized on nearly every surface indoors or outdoors.


For that perfectly smooth finish to any wooden surface, a round orbital sander is great to have when considering a remodel. These sanders are lightweight and provide a sleek finish. Sanding is one of the most tedious aspects of a remodel. But, the round orbital sander makes this process far less strenuous.

This portable tool is capable of sanding over rough edges and creating a smooth surface. It can also be used to remove dried coats of paint and varnish. Ultimately, the round orbital sander is a crucial tool for all remodeling projects that will enable the sanding process to be less tedious and much more efficient.  


Many of the tools that are essential for a remodel also come with critical accessories that improve their effectiveness. For example, in order to provide power to the many cordless tools, it is important to have rechargeable battery packs. This allows for a quick transfer of energy that will keep the power tools at optimal functionality.

Another fundamental consideration is the tool belt. A tool belt allows for organization of hand tools, pencils, tape measures, a utility knife, and other essentials that may be necessary for any given remodeling project. A tool belt also allows the remodeler to have both hands available to work on the task at hand.  


Don’t forget about safety when doing remodeling work. Make sure that your ladders are anchored properly, that you wear appropriate foot and head gear, and that you are properly grounded when working around electricity.   

Finding Success with Tools in Remodeling

Power tools are extremely convenient when it comes to any sort of renovation or remodel. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are necessary steps to learn before acquiring and utilizing any of these tools. Understanding the proper usage and techniques involved with the operation of a power tool can enhance any DIY project experience, as well as the outcome of the remodel. Reading operating instructions before beginning work, and wearing the proper safety equipment such as safety goggles and protective gloves, will ensure remodelers’ safety.

Final Thoughts

Remodels can seem daunting, but the right tools will have any finished project completed in no time at all. The key to success is finding the right tools for you and understanding your own capabilities (as well as limitations).



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