How to Have a Barbeque When It’s Cold

Winter is a great time to stay indoors and sip hot cocoa with our loved ones, but one thing that is greatly missed during the winter is a delicious summer barbeque.  Many people forget the grill and all that delicious food because it’s simply too cold to stand out and barbeque.  However, if you miss the summer barbeques and can’t wait to experience them once again, there are some ways to work around the cold.

Barbeque Food without the Barbeque

There is nothing like food that is from the barbeque, but you can still get those fall-off-the-bone ribs slathered with barbeque sauce (and no, not from a store, either).  Getting the right appliance and the perfect recipe will allow you to bring the BBQ back inside.

Grill pan:  Grill pans are excellent options for bringing the BBQ inside.  The best ones will have a lot of mass and high ridges so you can perfectly sear the meat.

Open grill:  Open grills are another way to achieve the taste of outdoor BBQ.  They are electric appliances that have a similar heating method to those of outdoor grills.  It will involve flipping your food to cook your meat evenly.  Some open grills produce a little bit of smoke, but it shouldn’t be enough to set off a fire alarm.  Just in case, have your fan on while you cook.

Slow cooker:  Yes, you can make some fantastic BBQ dishes from a slow cooker.  These barbequed ribs will have your family begging for your recipe.  You could also make BBQ chicken from a slow cooker that will bring back the taste of summer BBQ.

If You Brave the Cold …

There are some die-hards who will refuse to take their barbeque inside.  This is certainly commendable, but there are a few tips to keep in mind for those that go this route:

Use more fuel:  The cold winter air will have an effect on how hot your grill will get, especially if the grill is made of thinner metal.  Expect to use more fuel to achieve the desired heat.  Most grills will take longer to heat up in the cold, so make sure that you give the grill enough time before you begin.

Be aware of the wind:  The wind can cause your charcoal barbeque to burn a lot quicker than normal, and it’s a good idea to have plenty of charcoal on hand before you begin.  In addition, be careful when you open the top of your grill.  The wind can be so strong that it could extinguish the fire.

Heat one side more if possible:  If you’re using a charcoal grill, put more charcoal on one side of the grill.  This will make one side hotter than the other and allow you to put food that cooks more quickly at a lower heat setting.

Have a heated cast-iron pan to keep food warm:  A heated cast-iron pan can be helpful when it comes to keeping food warm in the winter.  Remember that the food will continue to cook slightly in the pan and adjust your cook time accordingly.

Bundle up to stay warm:  Whether you are grilling food that takes a while to cook or grilling food that is grills quickly, you will be much happier if you are dressed warm.  Just because you are popping out there for two minutes doesn’t mean that you should forgo any winter gear.  This could make you rush, and then end up with food that isn’t as delicious.  Get a warm coat and gloves so that you can take your time and get the desired result.

Bring Back the BBQ Atmosphere

It’s not just about the food.  Half of the fun of barbequing is the atmosphere.  Most people gather in the backyard and relax with drinks or play games while they wait for BBQ to finish. To achieve a similar atmosphere, clear a space in the garage or living room and set up some fun games that you would normally play outdoors.  Baggo is a hit with the entire family and is easy to learn.  Instead of outdoor badminton, set up a ping pong table for your friends.  

With some creativity, you can bring the summer fun inside and have a more authentic BBQ atmosphere.  Here are some other ways you can have a successful winter BBQ:

Make it a potluck:  Have your friends bring side dishes and set them on a table lined with a cloth.  This will give it a more summery feel, and the variety of food will ensure that everyone is happy.

Have some playing cards ready:  Whether you’re watching the big game or simply relaxing with friends, it’s a good idea to have some playing cards nearby if anyone gets the urge for a game of cards.

Set up chairs and tables in a circle:  At an outdoor barbeque, lawn chairs are commonly found scattered around the yard or in a circle pattern.  If you cleared a space in the garage, whip out the lawn chairs to give it a more outdoorsy feel.

Paper plates:  Not only does this make it easy for clean-up afterwards, but it also gives off a more summery BBQ vibe.  If you’re hosting a football or basketball party, get some themed paper plates to really get in the spirit.

Don’t Let the Cold Get in the Way of Your BBQ

Whether you bring the BBQ inside or choose to brave the cold, it’s completely possible to have an awesome BBQ in the winter time.  It doesn’t make sense to BBQ for only three months of the year, and those delicious ribs are calling our names.  As long as you take precautions outdoors or have the right equipment for indoor grilling, you can easily have a successful BBQ in the winter time.


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